This Financial Forecast is a proven tool for financial management of most small businesses. There are two pre-populated "widget" sheets which allow operators to populate their data and see the financial impacts to the bottom line. This is a great starting point for generating an investor presentation, or to conduct a feasibility analysis of a new product launch. When maintained on a weekly basis this document can serve as a forecast and storage of historical averages to fine tune forecast analysis. There are around 4,000 formuals in this Workbook. It has been used and edited by many organizations over the years. It can be a workhorse workbook for your small business. By simpling selecting and entire row and inserting a new row, you can add as many expense or income items as needed. There is a built in Loan/LOC tracker to see the impact of taking on a Loan/LOC. Bottom line is you need this Workbook to know how potential decisions will impact your bottom line.  

5 Yr. Financial Forecast with COGS, BOM, Employee Costs Sheet and Charts

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  • This is a fully editable XLS document.